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Allie S.
North Hollywood, CA

OMG…I love the Silly booth! I helped organize a company Halloween party and the Silly booth was a BIG hit. Everybody really enjoyed the booth and used all the different props they provided. The owner’s of the booth were extremely nice and very helpful. The pictures came out very fast and great quality. The booth is huge, not like what you see in the mall where only 2 people can fit inside, we fit 5-8 people inside! I highly recommend this at your next party or event to make it a really fun time!


Shelley S.

Silly Booth has an amazing concept !! I was invited to a party of a charity for children w/cancer, and “Silly Booth” made the party a unique one indeed. All kids were busy changing costumes, having fun taking snap shots etc. The staff is very professional friendly, kind and gracious – we need more businesses like this!!


Lotem B.
Encino, CA

Woohoo, serious fun time!!

Was at a friend’s big birthday party and she has Silly Booth over as a part of the entertainment.. And so glad she did!!

It seemed that the big black booth was the hit of the night!! Long queues throughout the night, the kids (the grown up “kids” too) loved it and everyone had such a blast.. It’s a really large booth so we managed to have a large group of is girls in there… Tons of colorful props, for real fun (and funny) snaps.

Apparently these guys have options of Video Booth/ Greenscreen and a bunch of other options.. Super cool!!

The ‘operating lady’ Yeela was really nice too and she was encouraging everyone to have a go and get a souvenir of the event.

Now I just need to have a reason to throw a huge party and give these guys a call!!


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